Documents storage and chat

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Isn't a fake!! It's a special scientific calculator which is capable of sending
and receiving text messages to Smart Phones and other RXO calculators via
The best way to pass all exams using calculators!
Bad memory?
Never more!

Chat with your colleagues using calculators RXO, if anyone doens't have it, does not matter, you can use your mobile phone to do this, you simply install a small APP for iOS or Android. This calculator is very easy to use, stores and displays PDF, WORD, TXT documents and it integrates a powerful processor with Bluetooth.

How I can put documents on my calculator?
Very easy to send documents from your mobile phone wirelessly and view them whenever you want on your calculator RXO.

How I can view the documents on my calculator?
It's simple, you must type the secret combination and you'll enter chop mode ready !!

Can I use my calculator as a normal scientific calculator?
Yes, most scientific functions are enabled, except some not very usual.

How I can chat from my calculator?
Enter the secret chat mode, and connects the device with another calculator or a mobile phone with the APP installed.

Can I leave quickly to normal mode?
Of course, it is very simple.